To make a difference in our lives through innovative herbal and natural medicines we are

For more than a decade, we have been inventing Treatments of the most challenging diseases Our one and only purpose of production has always been making life happier for people With help of mother nature.

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About Gpontech

Gpontech pharmaceutical company, as a knowledge-based company in the field of medicine production based on medicinal plants, with a conscious and selective attitude in line with its long-term goals, has always selected experienced, specialist and responsible personnel.

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Introduction Of Advanced Services

Gpontech, with 16 years of experience in the production of human and animal health products, is one of the major manufacturers in the industry.

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different types of antibiotics


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Veterinary organization sculpture 2015

Interior ministry appreciation letter 2013

Shenzhen exhibition of high tech.

Herbal plants seminar Japan Tokyo.

Natural products exhibition China chingdao.

Hitech exhibition China Shenzhen.

Herbal medicine summit India Mumbai.

GMP certificate from veterinary organization (I.V.O)

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